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jenthompson: (Default)
Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010 07:06 am
Lost and found department part two - I also found a small ivory-colored folding fan with rounded tips. Any claimers from the picnic?

Today is my hell day at work. Due to the crazy exam schedule, I teach ALL DAY without a conference. Tomorrow I go all day without a conference OR a lunch break, so it'll suck even worse in some ways, but at least it's the last day with kids, so that somehow seems more bearable. But you can survive anything for 2 days, right?

I'm feeling quite lost in the costuming department. Half of me says to use my momentum and hit the regency dress hard so I get that one over with. The other half says to take a well deserved break from the serious historical stuff and make some fun retro pieces that I can wear in my summer wardrobe. I think retro is winning at the moment. I don't know if anybody else is going to bother with regency for the summer tea party anymore, and I'm feeling quite "meh" about it myself. I'm feeling very "meh" about the 19th c. theme for the tea in general. I would have much rather made another Edwardian dress for it... or even a late 18th c. one. Maybe I'll be a rebel and do that anyway. If I could think of an easy Victorian style, I think I'd rather even do that. Don't get me wrong, I still really want to do regency - it just doesn't seem like much fun if nobody else is going to be wearing it at the tea. And it would be SO nice not to have to waste half my summer on new undergarment projects.

Oh well. We'll see.