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June 8th, 2010

jenthompson: (Default)
Tuesday, June 8th, 2010 06:33 pm
Quilt Country in Lewisville is getting rid of their pre-1930's reproduction fabrics, and they are all on sale for $4 a yard. Most of them are already gone, but I thought I'd post pics of the few that had dress-lengths remaining to see if any of you local folks were interested.

I almost bought this one - it would be lovely for 18th c! But it has a beige/light tan background instead of white (it looks a little lighter on my monitor than it did IRL), and I decided that it was just too close to the color of my skin. There was just a smidge over 4 yards - maybe 4 1/4? I think that would be plenty for a caraco or petticoat or maybe even a round gown if you were careful.

This one is still tempting me, but I ran out of $$$ today. I think it would be great for any Victorian style, and there was tons of it.

This one looks a little more modern to me, but it is apparently a repro too. I think it would make a cute summery late-bustle dress. Tons of this fabric too. It's more purple than pink in real life - my camera didn't like photographing this one.

There were maybe 5 or 6 other victorian prints with just 2-4 yards left. And quite a few nice feedsack and 50's floral prints with plenty left. Here's the stuff that I got:

There's just 3 yards of each of these. The blue will be used for either an apron or an 1890's blouse. The middle will be a regency dress (if I really can squeeze one out of just 3 yards!), and the houndstooth will probably be a 1960's dress.

The crazy paisley with green roses is screaming funky 50's sundress to me, and the sheer white with leaves is actually vintage. I got that one from an antique shop, and it's going to be a 40's or 50's blouse.

Now I just need to get to sewing! ;)